Polish Conference On
Computer Games Development
Gdańsk 6 - 8 SEPTEMBER 2013

Unity Workshops

Łukasz Raszyk, Adam Adamski, Marcin Olszewski - Fuero Games

During workshops, that will be lead by Fuero Games professionals, attendees will have opportunity to learn basic techniques of mobile game development. They will then advance to intermediate topics, to finally reach simple working game. Workshops will be divided into three parts, each lasting 2 hours and describing separate topics like:
    As a result of the workshop, attendees will create simple game, that will serve them as a starting point for their future projects. Detailed informations about each part of workshops can be found below.


    Morrissey Williams
    Unity workshops are available thanks to the patronage of Unity Technologies - creators of Unity engine - which supports us with licenses during the course. Unity Pro 4.x license will be the main prize in one of ours conference competitions. If you're interested in buying Unity license we encourage you to contacting Morrissey Williams, who's supporting us during WGK:

    Morrissey Williams
    Account Executive
    Unity Technologies
    0044 1273 862311
    Skype: morrissey.williams

    Workshops agenda

    Touch, basics of Unity

    Łukasz Raszyk, CTO / Lead Unity Developer / Project Manager »

    During the workshop both theory and practice will be covered. Gestures and touch control were chosen as examples to present interaction between the user and the game/application. The workshop will use the Unity editor and Visual Studio / MonoDevelop programming environment. Tablets and smartphones will also be available to enable the attendees to test their applications on real devices.

    The theoretical part of the course will cover basic Unity API, methods for capturing user input via touch screen and other subjects like:
    • Tapping (simple capture of a single touch)
    • Swiping(moving a finger across the screen)
    • Selecting 3D objects
    • Dragging of 3D objects
    • Usage of multi-touch devices
    • Pinching (moving of 2 fingers at the same time towards each other)
    • Rotation of objects (using 2 fingers)
    Duration: 2 hours.


    Adam Adamski, Game Developer »

    This part will cover GUI creation in Unity3D. Except basing techniques for GUI creation, alternative methods and tools will be presented that can support the programmer. The workshop will familiarize the attendees with basic standards in GUI creation both from visual and technical point of view. The workshop will use the Unity3D editor and Visual Studio / MonoDevelop programming environment.

    Duration: 2 hours.

    Level design

    Marcin Olszewski, Unity Developer»

    The workshop will cover both the theory and practice in level design using Unity3D editor. During the course complete source code will be available (in C#) which can be freely modified. The application created during the workshop can be tested using provided tablets and smartphones. The programming environment used during the course will be based on MonoDevelop and Unity Pro (Trial). Besides the theory and description of level design the following topics will be discussed:
    • Moving the player's avatar
    • Usage of character controller
    • Collision detection and trigger support
    • Following a character with a camera
    • Creation of efficient mini-map for mobile devices

    Duration: 2 hours.