Polish Conference On
Computer Games Development
Gdańsk 6 - 8 SEPTEMBER 2013



Malte Behrmann - EGDF
Aleksandra Bettin - GameGenetics
Ivan Bilyi - Marmelade
Thomas Dlugaiczyk - Games Academy Berlin
Hakan Gurel - Amazon Web Services
Björn Hornemann - Two Bulls
Carsten van Husen - Gameforge
Michael Liebe - Deutsche Gamestage
Tom Putzki - Wargaming.net
Philipp Reinartz - Pfeffermind Games
Bartosz Biniecki - Vivid Games
Jacek Brzezinski - Techland
Ryszard Chojnowski - Albion Localisations
Grażyna Domańska - Ubisoft Malmo
Adam Frańczak/Playsoft
Piotr Gnyp - Blomedia.pl/Gadżetomania.pl
Leszek Godlewski - The Farm 51
Tomasz Gop - CI Games
Hubert Habas - Bonkers Media
Jacek Jankowski - NK.pl
Daniel Kleczyński
Krzysztof Krzyscin - CD Projekt RED
Michał Kuk - CI Games
Kacper Kwiatkowski - 11 bit studios
Artur Maksara - Flying Wild Hog
Michał Marcinkowski - Transhuman Design
Jacek Markowski
Maciej Miąsik - one2tribe
Kacper Michalski - CI Games
Grzegorz Miechowski - 11 bit studios
Robert Podgórski - BlackMoon Design
Mateusz Popiel - Sii
Daniel Sadowski - Nitreal Games
Tomasz Strzelczyk - Vivid Games
Balázs Török - CD Projekt RED
Łukasz Raszyk - Fuero Games
Marcin Olszewski - Fuero Games
Adam Adamski - Fuero Games
Bogdan Oprescu - CI Games
Andrzej Graniak - POTĘGA OBRAZU
Pawel Graniak - POTĘGA OBRAZU

Dr Malte Behrmann
General Secretary, European Game Developer Federation (EGDF)
Member of the steering board of the NEM initiative.

Malte Behrmann, 41, is an attorney based in Berlin. After law studies in Bonn and Munich, he pursued Audiovisual Communication Management at Valenciennes, France. Malte has led legal & development affairs at Pix.Co, a Korean animation studio, and currently teaches international co-production and film funding law in Valenciennes. Besides his legal and university work, Malte lectures at Games Academy in Berlin and in different institutions in France. Malte co-founded the German National Association of Game Developers (GAME e.V.) and serves today as the organisation’s managing director - politics. As general secretary of the European Game Developer Federation (EGDF), he also works actively on game development issues at the European level. Malte is also author of the book “Kino & Spiele, Öffentliche Förderung der Entwicklung von Computerspielen” (ISBN 3898214699).

Aleksandra Bettin
Senior Manager of Strategic Partnerships

Aleksandra Bettin is the Senior Manager of Strategic Partnerships at GameGenetics in Berlin. Before joining GameGenetics she worked for game publishers, such as Aeria Games and Gamania Digital Entertainment, where she was responsible for all online marketing activities. In her current role, she is responsible for developing new strategic markets, business development activities, and deal negotiations.

Ivan Bilyi
Team Leader at Marmalade

Ivan Beliy is a team leader at Marmalade and is focused on further developing the cross-platform capabilities of the Marmalade SDK. A Mechanics and Maths graduate of DNU, Ivan gained much of his commercial experience during his time as a professional developer at panBmedia AG and Devoler LLC where he created games for a wide variety of platforms such as iOS, Java-enabled mobiles, Cable TV as well as Set Top Boxes.

Thomas Dlugaiczyk
Games Academy GmbH, Berlin

Founder of the first and now leading German education and training institute solely for all aspects of computer and video games development, based in Berlin and since 2007 with a branch in Frankfurt/Main. Managing Director and therefore holding the overall responsibility for the enterprise’s business, legal and finance aspects. Activities include strategic business planning and further expansions to other locations. Principal: development of the educational processes such as the layout of courses and modules; responsibility for the timely and successful delivery of education. The Games Academy’s courses are certified by the German Arbeitsagentur (Federal Employment Agency) to be eligible for subsidies and the City of Berlin. Organizer of various roundtables and lectures with international participation, e.g. with Ralph H. Baer, developer of “Odyssey”, the first video game console.

Hakan Gurel
Solutions Architect at Amazon Web Services

Hakan Gurel is a Solutions Architect at Amazon Web Services. He has spent almost two decades in various roles in software development lifecycle, in numerous verticals, and at enterprises as well as in startups. Currently, he helps AWS customers design highly available and scalable architectures.

Björn Hornemann
Two Bulls

Björn Hornemann has been working in the Gaming Industry since 2008. Starting at Hamburg-based Browsergames-Startup  playnik.com, Björn was responsible for the release of Desert Blitz. Being a specialist for marketing and user acquisition, he continued on this path, concepting and operating marketing campaigns for playnik.
After a break while he was realizing a b2b e-commerce project for a German logistics company; the strategy-game aficionado returned to online gaming and joined the Korean Publisher OnNet in its Berlin division as Head of Marketing and Business Development. A year after OnNet was acquired by the Korean ISP  daum.net, he decided to leave OnNet and joined Australian-US Mobile App Developer Two Bulls, where he co-founded the new German subsidiary in Berlin.

Carsten van Husen
CEO of Gameforge 4D GmbH

Carsten van Husen (41) is CEO of Gameforge 4D GmbH, Germany.
Gameforge is the leading publisher of free-to-play MMO games in the Western hemisphere, accumulating 400 million users in 75 countries. Incorporated in 2003, Gameforge started with the publishing of self-developed market-building web games (e.g. OGame, Ikariam). Early 2006, Carsten constituted the publishing of client-based MMOs within a newly established Gameforge 4D daughter company. Its leading title Metin2 possessed market leadership for many years with an active customer base above 9 million monthly. Ever since, Gameforge 4D consequently executes on a Triple-A quality strategy with free-to-play titles like AION, TERA or Wizard101.
Carsten is operating online games since 1999, first founding and trade-selling a web1.0-games-company to the ISP Freenet.de, later launching the first commercially successful Asian MMORPG in Europe in 2001, as Director Games International of pan-European ISP Tiscali. Carsten was Founding President of the Pan-European Online Games Association (PEOGA) and acts as Jury Member in Deutscher Computerspielepreis (German Computer Games Award), Deutscher Entwicklerpreis (German Developers Award), European Innovative Game Award, Game Developers Choice Awards and the MMO Hall of Fame.
Carsten holds a first degree and MBA from business schools in Germany, the UK and France, and worked and studied extensively in Latin America and the Far East.

Michael Liebe
Deutsche Gamestage Project Lead

Michael Liebe is Project Lead at Germany's leading game developer's event, DGT – Deutsche Gamestage. In the past 7+ years he has initiated the industry network, games.netberlin-brandenburg, the indie games and art festival, A MAZE., the Digital Games Research Centre of the University of Potsdam (DIGAREC) as well as the Computer Games Collection of European Media Studies at the University of Potsdam, the European Masters program, Ludic Interfaces and many other events and programs surrounding video games industry and culture. Until 2012 he was Advisor – New Media at the Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg and responsible for marketing and networking for the games industry in the Germany capital region. As freelance journalist, author, and lecturer he focuses on game-business, -history, -culture, and -art. More to read and see at www.michael-liebe.de.

Tom Putzki

Tom Putzki is a veteran in the games industry with a track record of more than 50 games from casual games to full price blockbuster.
Tom began his career at the German developer Greenwood Entertainment and founded his first own company PIRANHA BYTES, developer of the GOTHIC-series, in 1997. After selling the company successfully 1999 he became co-founder and shareholder of the Phenomedia AG, famous for the Moorhuhn character. He stayed at Phenomedia and the successing Phenomedia Publishing GmbH in various management positions until May 2006.
He founded his own consulting company in the beginning of 2006 and advices national and international clients both from the Games Industry and other Industries.
Actually he runs the German office of Wargaming, the publisher and developer of worldwide blockbuster ‘World of Tanks’ based in Berlin and is responsible for all communication through Eastern Europe.
Tom was the founding CEO of G.A.M.E. – German Game Developers Association for 2 years. He is member of the jury of German Computer Games Award DCP and member of the parliamentary workgroup ‘Games’ from German Bundestag. He is also member of the Jury and the Academy of the German Game Developers Award.
Tom speaks on a regular basis on conferences, trading fairs, round tables and teaches occasionally at several academies and universities.

Philipp Reinartz
Pfeffermind Games

Philipp Reinartz (27) graduated in Drama, Film and TV Studies at the University of Cologne. To keep his mind in motion he further studied journalism in Zaragoza, Spain, and the innovation method Design Thinking at the D-School in Potsdam in cooperation with Stanford University. He held various positions in media and advertising and worked as a Visiting Associate for Boston Consulting Group. However, he soon realized that working on his own projects is where his passion lies. Together with a group of friends he came up with the idea for the location-based smartphone game Spyday in 2011. The Urban Public Boredom Buster was born. The group promptly won the German start-up award “Herausforderung Unternehmertum”, which allowed them to develop and release a beta version in Berlin. Since early 2013 they have been working fulltime on the project: After joining a 3 month accelerator program in Estonia focused exclusively on Gaming, the company moved back to Berlin from where the 5-man team is operating today. In his rare spare time he follows his second passion: Writing. In May 2013 his first novel “Katerstimmung” was released by German publishing house Rowohlt and he is currently working on a second one.

Bartosz Biniecki
Game Designer
Vivid Games

In the industry since 2008. Works at Vivid Games almost from the beginning. He started with 2D graphics, realizing primarily in the field of UI. Decided to try game designing and quickly found out that this is his true vocation in life. He is infinitely creative, drawing inspiration from music, photography and video games. Currently developing in the direction of Social Design and Casual Gaming (he is certainly casual player). Well versed in mobile games. Worked with titles such as Neon Mania, Real Boxing, BMX Jam, Gyro, Neon Blitz, NCIS and Speedway series.

Jacek Brzeziński
Techland Warsaw

Jacek Brzeziński has been working in the games industry since 1994. He began his career writing about pen & paper RPGs - working as an author, translator and editor for "Magia i Miecz" magazine. He is responsible for the first Polish science fiction RPG, "The Death Zone", written with Polish author Tomasz Kołodziejczak. In the video games industry he started as a programmer. Later he became the project lead of "The Witcher" at CD Projekt Red studio, the lead designer of "The Witcher 2". He also worked on few smaller scale projects for different platforms. Currently he is a producer and a lead designer in Techland Warsaw studio, responsible for recently published Dead Island Riptide.

Ryszard Chojnowski

Richard Chojnowski, a graduate of Wroclaw English Studies and Translation postgraduate course at the same university. One of the pioneers in games localisation. He began working on translating games in 1996, first for currently non-existent company Optimus Bis and then for CD Projekt. For a long time associated with the CDP and is responsible for the translation of titles like Planescape: Torment, Diablo 2, Warcraft 3, Neverwinter Nights, Baldur's Gate 2, and others. For 18 months he was also the project manager of Witcher. Since 2004 collaborates with CENEGA and Electronic Arts, responsible for such series as Battlefield and Dragon's Age. He and his company Albion repeatedly received awards for the best translations, most recently for Diablo 3. Likes games in every variety, from classic RPGs, by battle games, board games, and of course computer games. Today is going to do a doctorate in localisation theory.

Grażyna Domańska
Ubisoft Malmo

Grazyna Domanska is a monetization manager at Ubisoft Massive, where she is responsible for monetization and business intelligence of Tom Clancy's The Division. She specializes in MMO monetization and had a privilege to work on some of the biggest MMOs in the West, like Runes of Magic (Gameforge) and Runescape (Jagex). She deals with everything 'business', from billing flows and P&Ls to shop management tools and in-game economy design. She likes Scandinavian cinema and orange juice.

Adam Frańczak
3D Technical Artist, Playsoft

He combines the role of 3D Artist with a passion for programming. Since 5 years he works with the Unreal Engine technology of Epic Games. Adam is also a co-founder and moderator of a Polish portal about Unreal - UDKDEV.net. Currently, he works as a 3D Technical Artist at Playsoft. Privately, a fan of chart dogs and a history of game development.

Piotr Gnyp
Redaktor naczelny

For years involved in games of different forms. In the past he was an author of adventures and add-ons for RPG games, involved in Magia i Miecz magazine. He started Polskie Elizjum Świata Mroku (Polish World of Darkness Elysium), an informal group of creators associated with World of Darkness and White Wolf systems. He worked at one of the games by Metropolis company and started one of the most popular Polish video games sites – Polygamia. Currently he’s an editor-in-chief of Blomedia.pl, handling such sites as Gadżetomania, Komórkomania, Fotoblogia and Cyberparenting.

Leszek Godlewski
The Farm 51

Generalist programmer - handles gameplay, animation, tools, engine; technical artist as well, if need be. Linux game porter. Looking for new challenges, he is about to part ways with The Farm 51 after over three years, where he worked on Painkiller Hell & Damnation and Deadfall Adventures, among other projects. Before that, he had spent years on game modding and open-source projects.
Privately a Linux user (a non-belligerent one) and a lover of airsoft and skiing.

Tomasz Gop
CI Games

Tomasz Gop has been working in the industry since 2006 and is one of the brains behind the success of polish RPGs. His experience spreads across two sides of game development (production and PR) and thus he avoids the typical “PR talk” in conversations surprisingly well. Currently supervising works on the latest CI Games’ Action RPG title - LORDS of the FALLEN.

Hubert Habas

Independent gaming consultant and owner of PR agency focused on gaming and technology brands. With over 4 years of experience on Polish market he has worked with many major technology and entertainment companies. Hubert has a wide experience in creating and executing strategies for gaming industry. After over 3 years in CD Projekt (one of the biggest Polish games publishers) and several projects for similar companies he has a wide knowledge of Polish gaming market. He has worked with a vast array of clients from various categories of technological and entertainment industry and supported business development projects thanks to extensive network of contacts gained during the consulting projects for such companies as LG, Samsung, Perfect World, Gameforge, Roccat, Speedlink and many more.

Jacek Jankowski

Social games evangelist, advergames and advertising in games enthusiast. Active Internet user from middle 90s. His experience includes actions both on interactive agencies, on the client side as well as an independent consultant in Internet marketing. He led the brands associated with advertising and social networking games which put his hand to the production of more than 1,000 games. Co-founder and active member of the group "games in marketing" at IAB Poland. Currently in NK.pl leads developeres in growing catalog of web and mobile games and applications. Along with game developers and advertisers develop new marketing tools in the social and mobile games.

Daniel Kleczyński

Polish composer, producer and Sound Designer. His credits include various electronic music projects, including EBM act Trumpets & Drums and dark wave band Fading Colours. For past two decades he has also been active in the GameDev industry doing mostly music soundtracks and Sound Design. His credits in this area include titles like Electro Body/Electro Man, Schizm, The Witcher and many more.

Krzysztof Krzyscin
Lead Technical Artist
CD Projekt RED

Lead Technical Artist. Krzysztof started his development adventure with small indie games, worked also on the first Witcher and on a few unannounced Star Wars universe games. He works at CD Projekt RED since 2009, started as Environmental Artist, and right now he is in charge of all technical matters covering all projects. Krzysztof specializes in new tools, R&D, optimizations and simulations.

Michał Kuk
CI Games

Working on games since 2002. At first as an amateur, mod and level designer for Unreal Tournament, Quake, Counter Strike and Doom. In gamedev since 2008. Started as a Level Designer in Flying Fish Works. Nowadays for 3 years he`s been working as a Lead Level Designer in Bydgoszcz CI Games studio, on the latest game - Alien Rage.

Kacper Kwiatkowski
Game Designer
11 bit studios

He studied at Gdansk University of Technology, the Faculty of Electronics, Telecommunications and Informatics. Game developer for five years, three as a professional. Gamer for twenty years. Currently a game designer, but working at 11 bit studios and Nawia Games he used to be a project lead, programmer and PR specialist. He worked at Sleepwalker's Journey, Flick Champions, Ion Racer and many more. He sometimes write about games for Polish magazines and websites. Since 2012 a co-organizer of WGK. Year before, with Mean Deviation Games team, he presented a game entitled ATOM which won the main award of the Developers Showcase.

Artur Maksara
Flying Wild Hog

In game industry since 2009. Previously he was engaged in board games and miniature wargaming. He started as a QA tester and localization/translation specialist, currently he handles level design in Flying Wild Hog (Warsaw), working at the newest installment of Shadow Warrior.

Michał Marcinkowski
Transhuman Design

Michał Marcinkowski (aka MM; born 1984) is the founder and CEO of Transhuman Design. A true indpendent developer. Broke to the public in 2002 with his 2D multiplayer action game Soldat made completely by himself in a bedroom. Currently working on the medieval multiplayer war game King Arthur's Gold with an international team of talents. MM's mission is to transform the very idea of what games are and lead the way creating games that are truly fun by giving the player a multiplayer environment and non-scripted freedom.

Jacek Markowski

A graduate of the Law and Administration Faculty of the University of Warsaw. Currently, a freshman year student of postgraduate studies at the Law and Administration Faculty of the University of Gdańsk. His scholarly interests include intellectual property law, especially the law of new technologies. Privately, a great fan of cinema and computer games.

Maciej Miąsik

Veteran of Polish game industry - he works in the industry for more than 20 years. Manufacturer, designer, programmer, sound designer. Co-author of the famous Electro Body, and many other well-known titles: Fire Fight (Poland's first game released by Electronic Arts), a series of adventure games Schism and the first Witcher. He is currently developing a new generation of social games in one2tribe. He also conducts lectures on game design at PJWSK and game production at Warsaw School of Film and is the program director of the Digital Frontier innovative course.

Kacper Michalski

Kacper Michalski, working as PMO Manager in CI Games S.A.. Gaming passion started for me in mid-80’s (ZX Spectrum first, then Commodore C64 and finally in early 90’s powerful 486 PC. Always a fan of good RPG and strategy games. Passion for games became a job – over 10 years ago I started working at Techland as level designer then in QA department and finally few years ago as a producer. Working as PMO Manager now here at CI Games responsible for coordinating work between all branches and documentation flow between offices. Due to vast experience in QA I’m trying to pay attention to the details but I’m not too meticulous(at least I hope so!:)).

Grzegorz Miechowski
11 bit studios

11 bit studios' CEO, a graduate of the Wroclaw University of Technology. In 1993 he developed a Teenagent adventure game which was a notable success in Poland. Over the last dozen years he’s worked successfully as a team leader and the CEO of a game development company. Apart from gaming, his hobby is playing the electric guitar. Favorite game: Plants vs. Zombies.

Robert Podgórski
BlackMoon Design

Hi, my name is Robert Podgórski and I run a indie game studio called BlackMoon Desgin ( blackmoondev.com). We are making flash and mobile games since 2006, and we have released our first desktop game not long ago - the RTS games called "The Few".

Mateusz Popiel

Mateusz Popiel – born in 1983, interested in real-time 3d graphics since the end of the 90s. Almost four years of professional experience as game developer on mobile platforms, notable titles: Pac-Man Kart Rally 3D (JME/JSR-184), Backbreaker 2: Vengeance (iOS/Marmalade). From June 2012, employed as Software Engineer at Sii Poland.

Daniel Sadowski
Nitreal Games

Daniel Sadowski - Creative Director and co-owner of the game development studio, Nitreal Games. He began his career at CD Projekt RED, where he worked as an engine/3D programmer on The Witcher, The Witcher: Enhanced Edition and an early prototype of The Witcher 2. Since 2009, he creates games at Nitreal Games as a producer, designer, writer and sometimes still as a programmer. He co-created the series of educational games: Mission: Bielany, Pogoń w Czasie & Legionowska Rozgrywka; as well as the studio's newest commercial title, a casual time-management game: Gardens Inc. - From Rakes to Riches.

Tomasz Strzelczyk
Senior Game Designer
Vivid Games

Tomasz Strzelczyk has been working at Vivid Games as a game designer since 2007, experienced in developing mobile, Nintendo DS and iOS games - including Samurai Puzzle Battle, Ski Jumping/Speedway series, official NCIS game and Real Boxing. He's also interested in level design both in 2D and 3D environments. In addition a dedicated PS3/PSV/iPhone/iPad gamer.

Balázs Török
Lead Engine Programmer
CD Projekt RED

Over 5 years of experience in the games industry. Started as a junior in Eidos Hungary, on the Battlestations: Pacific project where he quickly proved himself to be valuable member of the team. Then went to Digital Reality where he became a senior while building a data driven multithreaded render engine that supported SkyDrift and Bang Bang Racing. He started working in CD Projekt RED after the Witcher 2 PC release, as an Xbox 360 specialist, and took his part from the Witcher 1 MAC version also. Right now works as lead of the newly formed engine team where he defines the future of the engine that was used to make one of the best looking games of the current generation.

Łukasz Raszyk
CTO / Lead Unity Developer / Project Manager
Fuero Games

Co-founder of Fuero Games, programmer and project manager. He’s fascinated with Unity game engine and he spreads the word about it wherever he can. He began his adventure with serious gamedev by creating a multiplayer 3D browser game of MMO genre, which became a cornerstone in the history of the company. Nowadays he creates mobile games, where 3D graphics’ quality and input control’s intuitiveness are now being pushed beyond borders at unbelievable rate.

Marcin Olszewski
Unity Developer
Fuero Games

Game programmer in Fuero Games. He began his adventure with gamedev in 2008. Mile stone of his career was working at 3D social MMO for web. Currently he creates games for mobiles with Unity engine. He takes care to keep gameplay on highest quality level. He specializes mainly in programming graphics and gameplay.

Adam Adamski
Game Developer
Fuero Games

Member of Fuero Games, game programmer. He took his first steps in game development with Android and Bada platform, to breeze into the world of Unity3D. Currently involved in the production of multiplatform mobile games.

Bogdan Oprescu
Head of Studio/Senior Producer
CI Games

I have started playing and making games (for myself) in the mid 90’s. Got my first job in the gaming industry at the beginning of 2003 with Ubisoft in QA and worked my way up, first in design then switched to project management in 2006. Throughout my career first with Ubisoft and then with CI Games, I have worked on more than 20 titles on all possible platforms from small titles like Advance Guardian Heroes for GBA to movie franchises like CSI to multi-million selling franchises like Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter or Sniper Ghost Warrior 2.

Andrzej Graniak

Illustrator, cartoonist, concept artist. Skillful in each and every stylistics, able user of a whole variety of tools. Knows a lot about illustration. Works as an illustrator for 23 years and counting. He has been publishing in many magazines and books, both Polish and foreign. Participant of exhibitions and competitions. Winner of awards and distinctions, including the Satyrykon in Legnica, in Olen (Belgium), in Ankara (Turkey). Currently he's a concept artist for animated films, games, comics and illustrated the book.

Paweł Graniak

Concept artist for characters. Trained as a designer. Specialist of visual communication. He is fluent in both traditional and digital techniques. Hi creates projects for computer games, comics and animated films. Author of concepts and artworks for computer games. Illustrates board and card games. He has been working in publishing of press releases and books, and then as an art director in advertising agencies. Currently runs his own design studio.